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Family First is caring local banking

Family First Bank is different

The primary objective of banks and other financial institutions is to generate profits for their shareholders. This isn’t us, our shareholders are you. We understand our members are what makes our business and this is why you, are our focus. We design products to help support our community. We have our whole team working to make banking better for our members. So come and experience caring local banking.


A different kind of banking for families

We are owned by our members and operate solely for their benefit.

Our business emphasis is not so much about profits but more about providing members with a financial suite that offers:

  • a comprehensive range of financial products and services
  • service that is friendly and helpful
  • prices that are fair and competitive.

This means that the products and services delivered by Family First Bank are not only designed to meet the individual everyday needs and expectations of our members, they are delivered at a fair and reasonable price.

We invite you to join us and experience the Family First difference and share in the member benefits we offer.

Implementing positive ideas and money, to benefit our members

Family First Bank is a grass-root financial co-operative that helps its members take out loans with competitive interest rates to improve their lifestyles.

Here for you

With an impressive growth in membership and assets, Family First Bank has contributed to the lifestyle of its members, providing a secure place for savings and a source of sensible borrowing. Loans are approved to members for many worthwhile purposes such as home purchase, building, home improvements, motor vehicle purchase, travel, swimming pools, debt consolidation plus much more.

Even in times of financial difficulty, Family First Bank is well positioned to provide speedy and sympathetic assistance.

Competitive interest rates and generous loan policies have meant that members have returned again and again with new ideas of what they want in life…. and we help them. As members, you can enjoy the benefits of your Bank’s top priority: to improve the lifestyle and financial well being of you and every member.

Implementing positive ideas and money, to benefit our community

Being a local institution, we have a well-developed and sound knowledge of our market and strong relationships with our community. We strive to:

  • benefit local business by encouraging economic activity
  • distribute funds to worthwhile community projects, through Family First’s unique community support program
  • be involved in sponsorship and Volunteer Development Education of Credit Unions in underdeveloped countries and indigenous Aboriginal communities

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About Family First

Family First Bank is different…

Our shareholders are you. We are your local Bank, here to support all of your banking needs. So come and experience local caring banking.

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