Apple Pay FAQs

If not all your questions are answered below, please reach out to one of our friendly Member Service Officers on 1300 369 900 who will be able to assist you further.

What do I need to set up Apple Pay

Along with your device, you’ll need a Family First Visa Debit Card. Our team can help you apply for an eligible product if you don’t already have one.

Which Apple Devices Support Apple Pay?

For a full list of compatible devices, visit

What Software Version Do I need?

We recommend using the latest version of iOS. For more information, visit

Is Apple Pay secure?

Apple uses security features built-in to the hardware and software of your Apple devices to help protect your transactions. When you make a purchase, Apple Pay uses a Device Account Number and a unique transaction code. Each transaction is authorised by your Touch ID, Face ID or device passcode. Your full card number is never stored on your device or on Apple servers, and it can’t be shared with merchants. Apple Pay doesn’t keep transaction information that can be tied back to you, ensuring all purchases are private. More information on Apple Pay security and privacy:

How many cards can I add to Apple Pay?

Depending on your device, you can add up to 12 cards to your Wallet.

How do I make my Family First Visa Debit Card my default card?

The first card you add to your Wallet app will automatically appear as your default card. To change your default card on your mobile:

  • Open ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘Wallet and Apple Pay’
  • Transaction Default: Select ‘Default card’
  • Choose the card you want to make your default card.

For more information on managing your cards in the Apple Wallet, visit:

What's the transaction limit for Apple Pay?

The same transaction limits on your card will apply to Apple Pay and you may have to enter your PIN at the terminal if it’s required.

Do I still need to use my PIN in store?

Generally no, but you might need to enter a PIN for some older merchant terminals. You may need to enter a PIN if you select the EFTPOS option or require cash out from a merchant transaction.

What happens if I lose my phone?

You can disable Apple Pay on your phone by using the Find My iPhone or Find My app functions on your other compatible Apple devices. You can also log into your Apple ID account to remove cards or contact us to have your card removed from the Wallet.

What happens if I lose or cancel my card?

You’ll be able block your physical card if it’s lost or stolen and still use Apple Pay as a back-up. Your details will automatically update in the Wallet app if you request a replacement card.

How do I remove a card from Apple Pay?

Open the Wallet app, find the card you’d like to remove and select ‘Remove Card’ from the menu.

For more information on managing your cards, visit:

Do I need internet access to use Apple Pay?

You don’t need an internet connection to make a payment in store.

Is there any cost to use Apple Pay?

There are no additional fees for adding your card to Apple Pay though normal transactions costs may apply. View the relevant Terms and Conditions.

Why is my Apple Pay transaction being declined?

Your payment may be declined for several reasons:

  • You may need to request a one-time passcode to complete the verification process and continue with your payment
  • There may be a billing issue with a previous transaction. You’ll need to fix this before you can make any other purchases.
  • Your physical card may have expired or been cancelled
  • You may have insufficient funds in your account or insufficient credit limit
  • There may be a temporary block on your card
  • You may have entered an incorrect PIN
  • The merchant terminal may not support digital payments.

No money will be taken from your account if a payment fails. Get in touch if you need additional support.

Can I view my Apple Pay transactions?

Apple Pay transactions will appear like they do now for your other payments in the app or internet banking. Recent transactions made using Apple Pay will also appear in the Digital Wallet. You can contact us if you need more information about a particular transaction.

What if I need to return an item that I purchased with Apple Pay?

Simply tap your device on the merchant terminal like you would with your physical card to process a refund. You may have to provide the last 4 digits of your Device Account Number, which you can find on the card details screen in your Apple Wallet, or by going to:

  1. Settings app
  2. Wallet and Apple Pay
  3. Select the card
  4. Scroll to Device Account Number.

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