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Terms and Conditions

Declaration by Applicants – WARNING: Under the National Credit Code you may be liable to a criminal penalty if you make any false or misleading representation that is material to Family First Credit Bank’s decision to approve this application.

I/We declare that the information given in this application is true, correct and complete and that I/we have never committed any act of Bankruptcy or had any judgements or legal proceedings against me/us, except for particulars if noted on loan application.

I/We authorise the Family First Credit Bank to make any relevant enquiries into the references mentioned, my employer or any other credit provider.

I/We Acknowledge I/we have read and accepted the Privacy Notice and Financial Service Guide and consent to Family First Credit Bank obtaining a Credit report on all applicants to confirm information given on this application. For the Credit Union’s statement on Privacy, please refer to the website or ask for a Privacy Statement brochure from any branch.

I/We agree that this information will remain the property of Family First Credit Bank.

I/We request and authorise Family First Credit Bank Limited to arrange a valuation of the property named, from an approved licensed valuer.

I/We Accept and agree that if the valuation does not meet the requirements of the Credit Union or those of the Credit Unions Mortgage Insurer, there will be no refund of the fee paid to the valuer (large or remote properties may incur an increased valuation fee).I/We request and authorise Family First Credit Bank Limited to arrange a valuation of the property named, from an approved licenced valuer.

I/We consent that the email address(s) as disclosed can be used to send me/us any notices or documents that the National Credit Code allows to be sent by email, this includes the Offer and Loan Contract Document.

I/we advise I/we am/are not aware of any significant foreseeable upcoming changes to my/our financial circumstances, which may impact my/our earnings or ability to make repayments. (If you are aware of any financial changes that will affect your ability to make your repayments you must advise us and provide further information.)

You must tick the box below before we can proceed. If you have any questions about these declarations please call us on 1300 369 900 to discuss.

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