The Wes Anderson Memorial Employee of the Year for 2020

The Wes Anderson Memorial Employee of the Year for 2020

The most coveted award on Family First’s calendar, the ‘Wes Anderson Memorial Employee of the Year’ named in honour of the late Wes Anderson who was General Manager of Family First for 28 years and passed away early in the year, was awarded at this years Annual General Meeting.

This year took on even greater significance given that Wes’ late wife Christine, his daughter Michelle and grand daughter Georgina were present and on hand to award the winner.

This year the winner was Jenna Blewitt, part time Member Services Officer from our Mudgee branch.

This award is made every year and is voted on by the staff with the winner having the following characteristics … “An employee of the year would possess a friendly and helpful character to both members and staff, professional in nature and deliver an above standard level of service. Possessing a professional and proactive attitude, the employee of the year is also a high performer and regularly goes above and beyond for the sake of the member, colleagues and the organisation”.

The winner award receives a cash prize along with a training / development allowance which will see Jenna attend an industry conference.

CEO Darryl Macauley informed the crowd at this years AGM that Jenna was a deserved winner despite only joining our organisation back in June 2019. Since that time Jenna has become an integral part of the Mudgee operations who goes above and beyond in terms of both service and professionalism and who does it in such a friendly and personable manner, makes Jenna both a favourite to both her members and her colleagues.

It was great to see Christine, her daughter Michelle and grand daughter Georgina to make the presentation. The award strongly reflects the values espoused by Wes over his 28 years of service to Family First and recognises his contribution to the success enjoyed by the organisation today.

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