Term Deposit Accounts

A fixed term deposit is a solid investment with guaranteed returns. If you don’t need to access these funds on a regular basis why not make them work for you? You can invest as little as $1000.

Term Deposit Rates

We have a wide range of term deposits to fit your needs.

Please review our Target Market Determination Documents to see which product is right for you:

Account Type Interest paid monthly (1) Interest paid on maturity (2)
3 – 6 month FTD $1,000 to $4,999 3.30% pa 3.40% pa
3 – 6 month FTD $5,000 to $19,999 3.40% pa 3.50% pa
3 – 6 month FTD $20,000 to $99,999 3.75% pa 3.85% pa
3 – 6 month FTD $100,000 and over 3.95% pa 4.05% pa
1 Year FTD $5,000 + 4.40% pa 4.50% pa
2 Year FTD $5,000 + 4.35% pa 4.45% pa
3 Year FTD $5,000 + 4.30% pa 4.40% pa

All Fixed Term Deposits (FTD) have interest calculated on a daily balance.

(1) Credited monthly to your nominated account.

(2) Credited at maturity or annually for terms greater than 1 year to your Fixed Term Deposit (FTD) or your nominated account.

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