Phone Banking Guide and FAQ

If not all your questions are answered below you can contact our friendly member service officers on 1300 369 900

What number do I call to access Phone Access?

The number for Phone Access is 1300 369 900. You will be taken step by step through each action.

How do I register for Phone Access?

Registering for Phone Access is easy! Either contact us or register online.

How do I use Phone Access?

Just pick up the phone and dial 1300 369 900. Then select your options and follow the instructions.

  • PRESS 1 To hear your balances of your savings accounts
  • PRESS 2 To make a bill payment using BPAY
  • PRESS 3 To check the last transactions on your account
  • PRESS 4 To transfer funds between selected accounts within the same membership
  • PRESS 5 To see if a personal cheque has been presented
  • PRESS 6 To obtain a balance of your Loan account or Investment account
  • PRESS 7 To access another membership
  • PRESS 8 For other ‘Phone-Access’ services This included a statement request, loan information, to ascertain interest earned and to change your access code
  • PRESS 9 If you would like to be transferred to one of our member service officers

What options are available in Phone Access?

Further options:

  • Change Access Code
  • Interest earned in last Financial Year
  • Cheque transactions

What happens if I forget my access code?

You must notify Family First that your access code is not working or you have forgotten your access code. We will issue you a new access code after we have performed the appropriate identity checks. You will be required to change this code the next time you use Phone Access. We’ll get back to you once we have your request – it’s that easy!

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